Monday 2nd May 2011
2pm - Brentford FC



As a tribute to the recent successful fundraising campaign and the tireless work of the leading UK leukaemia charity, ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust), a team of  ethnic ex-professional footballers are to play against a diverse Celebrity  team for the Daniel De-Gale Trophy in an alternative to the original SKY 1’s “The Match” (which took part at Newcastle Utd FC).

The day will commence with a 30 minute pre-match game, including some of the Celebrities, playing against a team of young people.

The event will be a family affair with celebrities playing from the world of sport and entertainment together with current Premier League and League players attending.

End of Your Rainbow Events have a lot of experience of running such events, with Luther Blissett, Ex-International, Watford and AC Milan footballer’s involvement.

The Charity, ACLT was established in 1996 by Beverley De-Gale and Orin Lewis the parents of former Leukaemia sufferer Daniel De-Gale, to respond to the lack of ethnic minority groups registered as potential bone marrow donors. After a 6 year battle he was the first black person in this country to receive bone marrow from an un-related donor when he was 12-years-old. He died from an unrelated disease in October 2008 but was a tireless campaigner for the cause.

The ACLT is dedicated to recruiting potential Black and Ethnic Minority donors to come forward at ACLT registration drives and raising the awareness through educational programmes of the shortage of Black and Ethnic Minorities donors on the UK Bone Marrow, Blood and Organ registers. Black and Asian leukaemia sufferers have only a 1 in 100,000 chance of finding a bone marrow match compared to 1 in 5 for white people. Finding a Bone Marrow match is greater if the donor is from the same racial background.

What ACLT has achieved

  • Raised the number of Black people on the bone marrow register from 550 to approx. 35,000
  • Helped save 30 lives by finding matching bone marrow donors such as Dr Kamisha Guthrie, Footballer Clive Wilson, Actor David Harewood, Debra Forth, Helen Robinson, Naomi Williams, Johanna Charles and Francesca Clarke, etc 
  • Sarah Thompson, London who received a match in 2006; “I’m forever indebted to the ACLT. Without it, I might not have received a donor with a match and probably would not be alive today” she said.
  • Promoted the need for regular Blood donation and the carrying of Organ donor cards within the Black and Ethnic Minority communities.

What ACLT Can Achieve

  • Maximise the number of black people on the bone marrow register, increasing the number to over 60,000
  • find more matching donors and save more lives
  • develop a stronger increase of awareness in the UK, Caribbean and Africa to people suffering with blood cancers and the incredible odds they face in their worldwide search for a matching Bone Marrow donor.


Brentford FC will be the host venue for The Alternative Match, which will take place on Monday 2nd May, the event kicks off at 2pm.   Celebrity Guests include Luther Blissett, MC
Harvey, Ashley Walters (Asher D), Calum Best and Jamie Lawrence.

Entrance on the day – admission prices are £6 per adult, £3 juniors and concessions and a family ticket of four £15.

For further information contact Maggi Howlett, End Of Your Rainbow Events on 07704 063216.  Updates of Celebrities hoping to attend will be on the website :